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Foundations for young adult success: A developmental framework

Author(s):Nagoka, J., Farrington, C. A., Ehrlich, S. B., & Heath, R. D.
Organization(s): The Wallace Foundation
The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR)
Description:While education and workforce development are important pieces of investing in young adults, ensuring that young people achieve their individual goals and are empowered to change the world around them is a larger goal interrelated with college and career readiness. This June 2015 concept paper for research and practice synthesizes research, theory, and knowledge from multiple disciplines to establish a common understanding of young peoples’ developmental needs and propose a developmental framework for their successful transition into adulthood. The paper identifies three key factors of young adult success: agency, integrated identity, and competencies. Four foundational components that support these factors are self-regulation, knowledge and skills, mindsets, and values. This framework was driven by a vision that all students will meet their full potential, no matter their socioeconomic status. Implications for educators, youth practitioners, parents, families, education, and youth policy, as well as gaps in current research are discussed.
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